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published  16.12.19  v 

Do you want to have happy employees? Remember to be regularly recognized and rewarded

Satisfied and happy employees are the driving force that drives all successful companies forward. Conversely, dissatisfied and motivated employees can have very negative effects on the company, such as reduced productivity, breaches of company policy, threats to the company's good image or increased turnover.

If employees feel unimportant to the company and feel that they are easily replaceable, this may signal that they are no longer seeing meaning in their work or that they are not sufficiently stimulated. However, what motivates one employee may not motivate others. People emphasize different values ​​in each life cycle. 

However, almost all (99% of Slovaks), regardless of age, have one thing in common - they consider financial evaluation together with recognition and motivation to be the most important. Recognition and reward is an important motivator for higher work performance of employees throughout Slovakia.

Success lies in the right combination of monetary and non-monetary forms of motivation

Many times, when motivating employees, companies focus only on financial benefits, which are significant, but often not the most important.

What employees expect for their work and loyalty

Loyalty and satisfaction of employees should also be built through non-financial forms of motivation. The current trend shows that the effectiveness of monetary rewards is declining and people are increasingly motivated to perform better by non-monetary benefits.

Donate experiences, get more back

It is known that employees under long-term stress make mistakes, are less creative and tend to be more ill. On the contrary, the work-life balance that most modern companies seek to promote today brings loyal and productive employees. Regular rest and rejuvenation are important for employees to be able to perform better. Because only employees fulfill their strength and desire to work increase the quality and prosperity of the company. In addition, our surveys show that up to 94% of people would enjoy a reward that they would use to relax, play sports, culture or buy a gift of their choice. 

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