The digital version of gastronomic tickets will exceed the limit of 8 million purchases this year


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published  8. February 2016  v 

The digital version of gastronomic tickets will exceed the limit of 8 million purchases this year

Meal card Ticket Restaurant®, which was launched on the Slovak market by Edenred Slovakia, already has more than 40 users. Map of Ticket Restaurant® is an electronic form of paper vouchers and can be paid for in payment terminals or via SMS messages in all acceptance points. It reduces risks and saves time for those who pay for it, as well as for employers and businesses that accept it.

"Slovaks are increasingly switching to meal cards. We saw this in 2015 as well, and this year the number of users should grow to 100, ”says Stéphane Dufour, General Manager of Edenred Slovakia. The card allows easy payment via a payment terminal or SMS message without the holder carrying a number of tickets in his wallet and recalculating them with each payment. The entire amount can be deducted from the card when paying without the need to repay cash.


“Cashless payment by Ticket Restaurant card® is much safer than paying with meal tickets. It is a MasterCard type card that offers PIN code protection and blocking in the event of its loss or theft, ”says Lívia Šunová, Marketing Director of Edenred Slovakia. The status of the card can be monitored via the TR card mobile application, which allows you to find out the current balance and search for acceptance points in the vicinity of the cardholder. In addition, it allows Ticket Restaurant cardholders® take advantage of special benefits, such as discounts on selected products.


Map of Ticket Restaurant® is not new in the world. The popularity of meal cards is growing, for example, in Belgium, France, Spain and Italy. Outside Europe, it also pays customers in Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico and Venezuela.


The card from Edenred Slovakia also makes life easier for employers. They no longer have to distribute large amounts of vouchers at length. In order for the employer to be able to use meal cards instead of vouchers, a one-time order of cards directly to the company is enough, as well as simply recharging the credit on the cards.

The use of a meal card is advantageous not only for employers and cardholders, but also for acceptance points. By automatically recording all operations, the system significantly reduces their administration. There is no need to deliver redemption vouchers and recalculate them. Secured payment eliminates the risk of payment with fake meal vouchers, their damage during storage or transport, or their expiration.


Ticket Restaurant card acceptance network® is comparable to a network that accepts payment by meal vouchers. It includes restaurants, cafes and supermarkets such as Billa, Lidl or Tesco. The number of partners is constantly increasing.

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