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published 1. October 2020 v

Edenred helps save restaurants: There is a human story behind each one

Our favorite establishments are not just interesting places with good food. They are the living dream of the people behind their creation. At Edenrede, we therefore encourage people to visit restaurants, support small and diverse businesses, and stand by them and their owners. We continue to support them, because losing them would mean going back to a time when we had no choice.

For soup lovers

Martin and her husband began to dream of honest soups prepared daily with fresh ingredients, which is why they opened Bistro Soup. "We love soups, we can eat them every day. In our opinion, it is not just a forerunner of the main course, so we wanted to pay tribute to them in our bistro and bring people delicious, healthy and fresh food, prepared with endless love and devotion. Thus, our hobby has become our joint venture, but also our mission. "

A story with a touch of history

Love for good food and respect for traditions began to write the story of the Slovak Bastion, where the whole family is involved in a lively dream, so that guests can find honest Slovak dishes on plates, as their grandmothers used to serve them. "For us, this restaurant means much more than just a business and a way to make money. These are our childhood memories and the recipes of our old mothers. We do not want them to be forgotten, it is important to stick to traditions within the home kitchen. "

A dream come true

Another story about the diversity of Slovak restaurants was born by dreaming of an honest burger. "Blood, sweat and hard work led us from a small stand at the festival to a successful company. But just like then, today our biggest reward is the joy of customer satisfaction, who have honest burgers with us. We never want to lose that feeling. " Dominika and Martin from Regal Burger confessed.

Restaurants are not just business

Each of us has many stories associated with restaurants.

#UrobmeToPreSeba is the name of the Edenred Slovakia call, which follows on from the previous initiative "Let's eat". The activities carried out from the "More Than Ever" fund, set up by the Edenred Group at a global level, are intended to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The call wants to support businesses that would be in danger of extinction without guests. As part of #UrobmeToPreSeba, we will therefore distribute 100 rewards in the form of cashback. Let's eat and the stories will continue ...

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