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published  14. June 2017  v 

Edenred presents its new global identity

The world leader in transactional solutions for companies, employees and traders will offer all its solutions in 42 countries under a single Edenred brand.

Edenred takes its transformation to the next level with a strong and unifying brand that covers $ 43 million. employees, 750 thousand companies and public institutions and 1,4 mil. contract traders. The 250 products and services developed by this Group, including the iconic Ticket Restaurant program, are now given a new face and a common graphic standard. The new identity is reflected in the Group's new slogan "We connect, you win", which reflects Edenred's progress towards digitization, the existing network and the benefits it brings: greater purchasing power for employees, cost optimization for companies and increased sales for retailers. June 14, 2017 8 ths. The Group's employees in 42 countries around the world wear the colors of the new logo. This comprehensive initiative is part of Edenred's strategic plan called Fast Forward, the main goal of which is to digitize the services offered across the board and strengthen its leading position in accordance with the B2B2C business model.

Bertrand Dumazy, Chairman and CEO of Edenred, says: "The launch of our new visual identity is a significant milestone in Edenred's transformation process. The Group's transition to a fully digital ecosystem has led us to create a new brand identity that is impressive, meaningful and unifying. For each of the 43 mil. employees, 1,4 mil. traders and 750 thousand. companies, each of our solutions is a source of benefit. ”

New Edenred logo will be displayed on all products of the Group, whether they are cards, mobile applications, online platforms or paper vouchers.

The group is coming too with the new slogan "We connect, you win", which reflects Edenred's progress toward digitalisation, the existing network and the benefits it brings: more purchasing power for employees, cost optimization for companies and increased sales for retailers.

Since the launch of the Ticket Restaurant program in the 60s, the basis of the company's logo has been the red circle in which it stands out today. logo Edenred. It represents all the attributes of the new brand: it is simple, reliable, digital, universal, bold and interconnected. The red circle has undergone a change. Through its center stretches the name Edenred, which is open from the left: open to the Group's unique network, but above all to employees, companies and salespeople who use Edenred solutions. The red finish of the new logo is in line with the color that has been the visual feature of the Group since the very beginning, and at the same time it is possible to read the brand even more clearly. The word game (the word "red" means "network" in Spanish) refers to the different ecosystems that underlie the Group's products. The clean lines of the font express a smooth transition to a new graphic standard that connects the worlds of B2B and B2C business models, as the digitization of the Group's services makes it possible to create increasingly direct links with 43 mil. employees using its solutions. Because the design is based on a monogram format, the logo is also a unifying symbol of Edenred's mobile applications.

In line with the new platform the brand received graphic processing of Edenred's visual A completely new design: a "ribbon" has been added to represent the links that Edenred has built between customers from different backgrounds, using bright colors, patterns and symbols located in the central part, as you can see them on the new edenred.com website.

June 14, 2017 in 8 ths. The Group's employees will be dressed in the colors of the new logo and will take part in various events co-organized by Edenred in 42 countries around the world. You can follow these events on social networks using the link #Edenredconnects.

Anne-Sophie Sibout, Vice President, Edenred Press, commented: "Last year, we involved more than 200 Edenred employees from around the world in the process of creating our new visual identity, making it a truly joint project. The new brand identity expresses the promise of trust, rapprochement and courage. The design, as well as its implementation, symbolize the unique bond that Edenred creates among its customers. ”

The project of creating a new image was realized in cooperation with the Royalties Agency, which designed a new logo and visual identity for Edenred, and participated in the creation of the brand platform.

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