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With the FOOD project to new customers

With the FOOD program, we support restaurants for a long time with the aim of improving the eating habits of employees during lunch.  

Where to eat really healthy?

At the present time, when the prices of lunches are constantly increasing year-on-year, diners are starting to consider more about where they will go for lunch. We know from recent surveys that they expect a high-quality, healthy and balanced lunch for their money.

If you also think that variety and quality are the future of Slovak gastronomy, join our FOOD program. Thanks to it, users of Edenred meal vouchers and meal cards can easily find your restaurant that meets the requirements for healthy eating.

How to include your restaurant in the FOOD program? It is simple!

If you think about the following criteria when creating your menus and meet at least 6 points out of 12, then you meet the requirements for a healthy and balanced diet.


  1. You use healthier cooking methods, e.g. steamed, in the oven or on the grill.
  2. You offer the option of half portions of meals.
  3. You don't put a salt shaker on the table.
  4. You also provide products and meal alternatives based on whole grain flour, whole grain pasta, etc., e.g. upon request, you serve wholemeal or rye bread.
  5. Serve the sauce separately.
  6. You allow guests to eat more fresh vegetables, for example, leaving room on the plate for salad, serving salad first, or serving it directly on the plate.
  7. You provide the guests with drinking water as a drink.
  8. You have low-fat dressing and olive oil on offer.
  9. As a dessert, you often serve fresh fruit, a fruit or dairy dessert.
  10. You offer the option of choosing different side dishes for all meals - also for the daily menu.
  11. You offer more meat dishes with a low fat content, e.g. poultry, beef.
  12. For meals, also state the energy value in kJ (e.g. how many kilojoules are in the individual components of the given meal) and unsweetened beverages.

What will it bring you?

Over the last 5 years, an increase in sales in FOOD restaurants by 43% has been recorded.

The FOOD restaurant chain is constantly growing in Slovakia and around the world. Restaurants included in the program can be easily found by the boarder using our search engine.

Join the FOOD restaurant network and get new diners who visit these restaurants.

FOOD program (Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand) was created in 2009 as a response to the alarming statistics of growing obesity in Europe, where more than 52% of adults are overweight or obese. It was created on the initiative of the EU and its goal is to promote quality and balanced eating during the day. In cooperation with you, the restaurants, we have been putting together a network of restaurants for over 10 years, which strive to improve the nutritional values ​​of the meals offered and meet the criteria of the program.

Let's prevent food waste

No more throwing away unsold food, let's take at least one small step!

Offer your unsold portions at a discount, you will get money that you would otherwise throw in the trash together with the food. You will be warmed by the feeling that you are not throwing anything away.

We are looking forward to our cooperation!  

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