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New vouchers for 2024

From October 1, 2023, new Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers will be in circulation® and Edenred vouchers Gifts valid for 2024. Visual Edenred Vouchers Services remains the same as in 2023, only the validity date changes.

Security features of vouchers for 2024:

1. Thermosensitive point - it has the shape of the monogram of the Edenred logo and fades when heated.
2. Watermarked paper
3. SK identifier - after rubbing with metal (e.g. a coin), the color of the letters SK changes to gray.
4. Fibers glowing in UV light - under a UV lamp, the UV fibers embedded in the paper light up.
5. Microperforation - the Edenred logo from microperforation lines is placed in the right part of the voucher.
6. Holographic elements - SK identifier and monogram of the Edenred logo covered with metallic paint with a holographic effect.
7. Reflective element - text on the back of the voucher written in reflective paint. It phosphoresces under a UV lamp and changes color after copying.
8. Barcode
9. Numeric code

The vouchers may have various additional text or a logo printed in black on the front. 

Information for employers:

Unused meal vouchers marked with the year 2023 can be returned at any time during their period of validity, however, by 20 January 2024 at the latest. After their return, we will issue you credit note in the amount of the total nominal value of unused vouchers with a maturity of up to 30 calendar days.

Information for partners:

Current vouchers marked with the year 2023 are valid until 31 December 2023 a will be accepted for redemption by January 20, 2024.

Before sending, we recommend that you stamp the vouchers on the back, where the value and barcode are not stated. This is protection in case of theft or loss of the shipment.
In the interest of trouble-free payment of vouchers, accept in your operation only those types of vouchers for which you have concluded a mutual cooperation agreement.

If you need to ensure that the operating personnel in your plant are thoroughly informed sample vouchers, order you can call them for free 02/50 707 324 or email to

Envelopes with vouchers can also contain an information voucher with information about the contents of the envelope. This voucher has no nominal value and is not used for payment. For this reason, it will not be accepted from contractual partners for reimbursement.

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