Online webinar: Changes in tax law in the area of ​​non-financial benefits. How they affect employers and employees. |


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published  4. October 2021  v 

Online webinar: Changes in tax law in the area of ​​non-financial benefits. How they affect employers and employees.

From 1 January 1, the change in the Income Tax Act opens up the possibility for many of you optimization of non-monetary benefits for your company and also for your employees. Every company will be affected by this change in a different way, but the basic changes apply to everyone.

Depending on the employer's costs and the employee's benefits, we bring you an overview of changes affecting tax-exempt non-monetary benefits, along with practical examples of the most commonly used benefits.

We invite you to free webinar associated with advice on changes in the tax law in the field of non-financial benefits for employers and employees. The lecture and discussion will be conducted on behalf of the company Edenred, tax advisor to Martin Tužinský.

Ing. Mgr. Martin Tuzinsky, PhD.
tax advisor, member of SKDP, no. about. 1090/2015

He has been involved in taxes and accounting for more than two decades. Since 2015, he has been a member of the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisers, a member of the Methodological and Legislative Commission for Corporate Income Tax and the Methodological and Legislative Commission for Accounting. It focuses on tax, economic, accounting consulting, accounting processing.

Organizes training in taxes and accounting. He is the author of practical tools for accountants / economists / tax advisors / auditors.

It works as chairman in the civic association ZÚSK - Association of Accountants of Slovakia, which is focused on the association, development and support of the profession of accountants and human resources and the dissemination of their good name.

Webinar content

  • How do employee benefits differ in the tax-contribution comparison of alternatives on the part of the employer and the employee + practical examples.
  • Comparison of taxability of cash and non - cash income provided to employees.
  • Possibilities of "financing" non-monetary income provided to employees from the employer's point of view (own resources, social fund and others)
  • Accounting recording of provided non-monetary benefits for employees.
  • And much more.

Dates and registration

  • Monday 11 October 10, from 2021:9 to 00:11 - The deadline is already taken
  • Wednesday 20 October 10, from 2021:9 to 00:11 - The deadline is already taken
  • Monday, October 25, 10, from 2021:9 a.m. until 00:11
  • Tuesday 16.11.2021, from 9:00 am until 11:00

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The capacity of individual dates is limited to max. per 100 participants in one webinar. We will send you a confirmation of registration for the webinar by e-mail.


  • Professional advice during live broadcast with a lecturer
  • Webinar video

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How webinars work

Webinars are a popular form of education that allows our partners to access important information conveniently, online. A webinar is a live online broadcast that allows the presenter and the audience to interact through various channels. The presenter sees and hears the webinar participants and at the same time presents the training material on the screen. Participants watch the presenter and in case of questions, they have the opportunity to respond verbally, or ask for the word "so-called raise your hand" or write your question in a common "chat". The webinar is therefore a full-fledged interactive distance lecture.

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