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Return of unused vouchers valid for 2022

Dear clients and partners,

Return of unused vouchers with the year 2022 it is possible to do it, whether the client or a partner by January 20, 1:
• by post or courier

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR CLIENTS - from 1 May 5, the branch in Bratislava is closed, for this reason it is not possible to hand over credit vouchers in person.

The date of the stamp from the post office is important, which can also be January 20, 1. This shipment will be accepted even if it is delivered to us after the deadline.

If you are a user, contact the employer from whom you received the vouchers regarding unused vouchers.

CLIENT - Request for return of meal vouchers

CLIENT - Edenred Voucher Returns Gifts and Services form

PARTNER - Inventoryof the submitted vouchers

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