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published  10.06.19  v 

Increase the meal allowance by € 1 per day. Save and even upgrade!

Od 1.7.2019 by amending Act no. 283/2002 Coll. on travel allowances a new measure enters into force Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic on the amounts of the meal allowance.

The change in the amount of board for business trips is as follows:optimal value will increase from € 4,80 to 5,10€ a the minimum value will increase from € 3,60 to € 3,83. Round the value of meal vouchers to one decimal place and get rid of complicated recalculations.

Increased lunch costs are a clear indicator that prices for a good and quality lunch are rising. In most cases, the current meal allowance cannot sufficiently cover them and employees have to pay extra for lunch. Are you a good boss? Increase your diet and save hundreds of euros.

Lunch prices have increased in almost all regions of Slovakia. We pay the most for lunches in the Trnava region (€ 6,60) and the least in the Prešov region (€ 5,00). In the Bratislava region, the average cost per lunch (€ 5,60). The amounts are based on the actual expenses of employees in catering facilities during working hours in the form of the most widespread Ticket Restaurant® meal card, while the prices always include the entire expenditure on food, refreshments or coffee. The minimum value of meal vouchers will increase from 1 July 2019. The increase in the value of meal vouchers is proposed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic on the basis of increased prices of meals and soft drinks in restaurant catering. Thanks to the planned change in legislation, the minimum value will increase from the current € 3,60 to € 3,83 and the maximum value to € 5,10. The increased meal allowance will help your employees cover most of the price of the lunch menu.

A good boss does not save on his employees

Salaries in the regions of Slovakia are different and it is very difficult to find means to increase them. If you increase the salary of your employees by € 1, you will incur higher costs. You have to count on higher contributions to social and health insurance. But if you increase the meal allowance by € 1 per day, you will save and even modernize. Increasing the value of meal tickets is not subject to levy. You can invest the increase in costs and deduct it advantageously from taxes, as the meal allowance is a tax deductible expense.

Increase the value of meal vouchers and order meals for your employees with a minimum value of € 4,50 and you will receive Ticket Restaurant® cards for all employees free of charge. The advantage of this card is that you avoid worrying about setting up your own canteen, and at the same time give your employees the opportunity to procure food according to their own preferences in the widest network of acceptance points, which we are constantly expanding. The offer is valid in the period from 1 June 6 to 2019 August 31. for the first order of cards Ticket Restaurant®. 

Recalculate how many euros you can save per year thanks to the increase in meals for your employees.  

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