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  • Let's eat
    Unwrap it on the terraces of the Edenred restaurants

    Support your favorite restaurant and Edenred will reward you.
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  • Edenred will always give you something extra

    Enjoy a daily reward with Ticket Restaurant®
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  • A special offer that is not rejected

    Free delivery cards for Edenred clients. You save and your employees receive special rewards from us.
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  • Exclusive cashback with Ticket Restaurant® card from Edenred

    Only with the Ticket Restaurant® meal card will you get your money back on every payment!
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  • New fee schedule effective from March 1, 3

    Modification of business conditions in connection with the amendment to the Labor Code in the area of ​​employee catering.
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  • Opening of branches
    Change of opening hours and redemption dates for 2020 tickets
    up to € 50 without entering a PIN code

    From 11 January 1, the opening hours at the Bratislava branch will change and the deadline for clients and partners to return unused tickets with the year 2021 will be extended.
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  • delivery with Ticket Restaurant card
    407 options for a warm lunch in the form of delivery
    up to € 50 without entering a PIN code

    In our Ticket Restaurant® acceptance network, we have identified 407 partners who offer hot food and grocery delivery or a pick-up and drop-off service. All 407 establishments can be found by your employees in the catalog of establishments or always in their mobile phone via the Edenred Benefity mobile application. 

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We help create from the world of work a better place for everyone
Provide employee benefits with the world's most trusted technology platform and save on tax solutions with Edenred.
Edenred solutions
On a daily basis, they make life easier and improve the purchasing power of employees in the area of ​​meals, recreation, rewards and leisure benefits.
Edenred Benefity Café
An online platform for managing flexible employee benefits that integrates all solutions and tools and enables maximum efficiency.
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Electronic recreational voucher for a stay in Slovakia with a guarantee of purposeful use without unnecessary administrative burden.
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The most popular meal card and Ticket Restaurant® meal tickets, which allow employees to buy food at a partner facility of their choice.
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Free time and benefits
Reward programs under the Edenred Gifts and Services brands designed for the purchase of gifts and a range of services related to culture, sports, relaxation, care or education.
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Acceptance points
We have built for you the strongest acceptance network of partners in Slovakia. With us, your employees can enjoy a day in more than 36 operations.
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They said about us
  • We have been cooperating with Edenred for 16 years. We have been using meal vouchers for many years, but now we have decided to switch to a more modern solution in the form of contactless Ticket Restaurant® payment cards. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Edenred, it has brought us quality services, efficient solutions, reduced workload and fast delivery of services. We have always been able to rely on them. Our employees see a great advantage especially in the wide network of acceptance points in Slovakia. Meal tickets and cards can be used almost everywhere. Thanks to this, they gained the opportunity to freely choose where to go to eat or where to go shopping. We would definitely recommend working with Edenred, because they have a solution for everything and they always meet the needs of their clients.
  • We have been working with Edenred for more than 10 years. This year we switched to using Ticket Restaurant® meal cards. This solution simplified the lives of both employees and the company. The distribution of meal vouchers and their sending by insured consignments disappeared, which significantly saved time and costs. Employees and their families praise the possibility of secure payment without unnecessary restrictions. Working with Edenred has always been seamless. During the transition from paper meal tickets to cards, everything was clearly communicated to employees and the company, and when launching a new solution, no one bothered. The cooperation brought us a new, modern solution, and thus more satisfied employees and a faster, safer solution for the provision of meals by the employer. Employees enjoy new options from using the app to payments with Google Pay or Apple Pay. Everyone has chosen what suits their needs and lifestyle. Thanks to this solution, ordering has been simplified, the provision of meal allowances for employees has been speeded up, security has been improved by eliminating the storage of meal vouchers, and we will also save on handling and sending meal vouchers in security envelopes. I definitely recommend working with Edenred. I believe that every company strives to find optimal and modern solutions that mean saving time and money for the company and at the same time satisfaction and simplicity for employees - such a solution was also offered by Edenred.
  • We have been cooperating with Edenred for 10 years. Currently, our employees use the contactless Ticket Restaurant® payment card, which is a positive change compared to meal vouchers. Our communication is seamless, fast and efficient. Cooperation with Edenred brought us especially time savings and higher work efficiency. We have been using Ticket Restaurant® cards since the beginning of 2019. Our employees have a more modern way of using the meal allowance, which is easier to handle and the possibility to pay even lower amounts than the value of the meal ticket.
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