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Let's support restaurants, so that we don't have to going back in time, when we had no choice from a variety of diverse dishes and kitchen.
We support restaurants,
so that we do not go back in time
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Restaurants are not just business,
but also people and their stories
Restaurant da Cono

"We are honored that we have brought a piece of real Italy to Slovakia. Its unmistakable tastes and aromas. Our restaurant is not just about money. On the contrary. It means much, much more to us. It is a love of homemade Italian recipes, but also mutual trust and friendship. And most importantly, it's a dream come true! Losing it would also mean losing a piece of the beloved country. " Alexander

Slovak bastion

"Our restaurant is a family business that my husband and daughter and I run together. It represents much more to us than just business and livelihood. It is our memories of childhood and the recipes of our old mothers that we believe deserve to be they have not been forgotten. However, traditions must also be valued and remembered in the home cooking. " Martina

Bistro Soupa

"I love soups and I could eat them all day. That's why we wanted to pay tribute to them in our Soup bistro. My husband and I have always wanted to bring people tasty, healthy and fresh food. We prepare each with infinite love and devotion, our hobby has become not only our joint venture, but also our mission. " Martina

Regal Burger

"Regal Burger is the epitome of our passion for the work we do honestly and with love. The idea of ​​bringing really honest burgers to Slovaks was born at the festival in 2013. Blood, sweat and hard work led us from a small stall to a successful company. But our biggest reward is, as then, the joy of satisfied customers. This is the most beautiful feeling for us, which we never want to lose. " Dominika and Martin

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did not return in

Slovak cuisine in a thousand ways or rather the taste and smell of the Italian one? Traditional Chinese, Turkish or Japanese or rather news from Hawaiian? Love for people and the world goes through the stomach. And thanks to the diverse restaurants and cuisines we can to experience all the tastes of the world.

Therefore, we continue to visit our favorite restaurants to be they did not have to go back in timewhen the only vegetarian dish was fried cheese and the only flavor was ketchup.

Edenred distributes 100 cashback rewards to support restaurants when paying with the Ticket Restaurant® card.

We distributed 100 rewards on October 000, 13.

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About Edenred Challenge
In its first phase, the #PodmeSaNajest call was able to involve more than 64 Ticket Restaurant® card users and together with them we supported restaurants in Slovakia up to 260 times. In addition, Edenred handed out during the challenge up to 30 free lunches. We believe that restaurants are not just businessbut they are also people, friendships, family, memories, experiences, traditions or a way to taste the world. At Edenred, we support small and diverse restaurants, stand by them and their owners. That is why we continue to support them, because losing them would mean go back to a time when we had no choice. Same as "Let's eat" also the second phase "Let's do it for ourselves" is one of the activities implemented from the fund More Than Ever, established by the Edenred Group at the global level for activities to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.