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As an employee working for an employer continuously for more than 24 months you can apply for a contribution for recreation in Slovakia up to € 500 per year. The stay package also includes the recreation of family members and children's recreation during the school holidays.
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The holiday allowance is intended to cover expenses related to tourism services and accommodation in Slovakia for two nights. We will help you promote your services users of the Edenred card for staff recreation.
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The recreation allowance is a tax deductible expense. Thanks to the Edenred card, which is intended exclusively for the recreation of employees in accordance with the legislation, you can fulfill your legal obligation easily and without unnecessary administrative burdens.
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Edenred the card serves as electronic recreational voucher for stay in Slovakia
Practical electronic form recreation allowance for employees
serves exclusively to fulfill the obligation to ensure the recreation of employees, thereby guarantees that the condition for the intended use of expenditure is met in accordance with applicable legislation
contactless chip card, with which it is also possible to pay by mobile phone via Apple pay, Google pay ™ or SMS, secured with a PIN code
the only holiday card that meets even the strictest security standards thanks to the Mastercard® guarantee
100% reliability guaranteed in cooperation with an international partner, it ensures the professional and smooth course of each transaction
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Important information
On 1 January 2019, an amendment to the Act entered into force no. 91/2010 Coll. on the promotion of tourism and at the same time §152a dealing with the Labor Code is added to the Labor Code recreation allowance for employees.

What this means for you

  • Employee working for the employer more than 24 months may apply for a recreation allowance up to 500 € / year, 55% of the contribution is paid by the employer and the remaining 45% is paid by the employee (in case the employee spends more than € 500 on recreation, the employer pays him the maximum amount stipulated by law, ie € 275 / year).
  • employer with 50 or more employees must be required employee for a recreation allowance meet, pre employers with up to 49 employees, the contribution is voluntary.
  • Only an employee who has worked for the company will be entitled to the allowance at least 24 months.
  • The same rules apply to Self-employedwho have a registered trade for more than 24 months and do not apply for a contribution from the employer (if they work in addition to the trade).
  • The recreational allowance is the same as the meal allowance exempt from tax.
  • The employer may not employees who apply for a recreation allowance, disadvantage compared to employees who do not apply for the allowance (eg by reducing bonuses, bonuses, etc.).
  • In the case of part-time work, the maximum statutory amount of the contribution is € 500 reduced by the ratio.
  • The contribution for the recreation of an employee beyond the law (275 € / year) can be paid from the social fund.

Permissible forms of recreation allowance

  • holiday voucher issued in the name of an employee
  • overpayment of the invoice for recreational services in the Slovak Republic
  • in case invoice overpayment the employee must do so no later than 30 days after the end of the recreation, the invoice must state the name of the employee

Note: The employer may decide to provide the employee with a recreation allowance in the form of a recreational voucher (less administratively demanding).

What is a holiday voucher

  • electronic card or another electronic payment instrument issued to a natural person, applicable only within the SR in the publisher's network of contractual partners
  • serves on payment for accommodation of the employee and his family members and to pay for accommodation-related services
  • commission for the issuer of the holiday voucher may be up to 3%
  • must be used in the year of issue

What services can be paid from the recreation allowance

  • accommodation services related to tourism at least for two nights on place of Slovak Republic
  • stay package - 2 overnight stays + catering services or other services related to recreation
  • 2 overnight stays with the possibility of catering services (not a condition)
  • children's recreation and multi-day activities during school holidays for children employees attending primary school, 1st - 4th year of eight-year grammar school
  • recreation expenses family members and persons living with the employee in the same household, if they participate in recreation together with the employee
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