Ask your employer holiday allowance
The holiday allowance is intended to cover expenses related to tourism services and accommodation in Slovakia for at least two nights. The stay package also includes the recreation of family members and children's recreation during the school holidays.
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  • Every employee working for an employer for more than 24 months
  • as an employee you can apply for a recreation allowance up to 500 € / year
  • 55% of the contribution is paid by the employer and the remaining 45% is paid by the employee alone (in case you, as an employee, spend more than € 500 on recreation, your employer pays you the maximum amount stipulated by law, ie € 275 / year)
  • employer with 50 and more employees must comply with the staff member's request for a recreation allowance
  • after completing the stay paid for by the holiday voucher you are obliged to submit to the employer a statement on the use of the holiday voucher
Request an Edenred card from your employer and enjoy its benefits

Immediate benefit

As a prepaid cardholder, you pay for your stay directly with a recreation allowance, you do not change your own finances and you do not have to wait for reimbursement from your employer.

Money safe

Thanks to our solution and cooperation with leading players in the field of technology, your money is safe.

Faster check out, no worries

Use fast card payment and you do not have to document invoices to the employer, just fill out the online statement for payment by Edenred card.

Mobile more than ever before

The Edenred card is an electronic holiday voucher that you can pay with your mobile phone or watch via Apple pay, Google pay ™ or SMS.

Always a perfect overview

With the Edenred card, you will also get access to an online account and a mobile application, with which you will gain control over your account, the opportunity to monitor the balance on the card and where and for how long it can be used. At the same time, you get access to an exclusive reward program from Edenred.

Respect for your privacy

Each of you will certainly appreciate the privacy protection that the card provides as opposed to the document.
Solve your recreation with the Edenred card fast in just 3 steps
Ask your employer for a recreation allowancewhich will be sent to your Edenred card as a deposit.
pay your recreation or the recreation of your child card Edenred .
After recreation fill in for employers simple online Edenred card payment statement .
With Edenred Holidayer simply, quickly and safely.
We have prepared an online application for you, which you can use to manage and review your holiday allowance requirements. You can easily and quickly determine the amount you would like to receive from your employer. One-click request, no extra administration.
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Head around Slovakia according to their preferences
We have a wide network of facilities for you, from which you can choose according to your preferences. We offer guesthouses, hotels, but also interesting stay packages. Accommodations that accept Edenred can be found with this sticker.
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