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Café benefits
Shopping through the Edenred Benefit Café internet portal represents a comprehensive opportunity to use all Edenred solutions in one place. This sales platform is intended for all employers who want to provide their employees with above-standard care in the area of ​​employee benefits. Employers who have given employees access to Edenred Benefit Café regularly contribute financially to employees for the purchase of goods and services from different areas. Thanks to above-standard care, employees are willing to buy more, and thus demonstrably increase the turnover of the acceptance partner.
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Meal card and meal tickets Ticket Restaurant®
Is your business area related to the sale of food, beverages or the provision of restaurant services? then acceptance of meal cards and Ticket Restaurant® meal tickets, which provide catering for the largest number of employees in Slovakia, In return, it will ensure a daily influx of new customers. Meal allowance is the most popular and most used employee benefit enjoyed by more than 400 people each month. Let them buy from you too.
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Map Edenred Vacation
A gadget that sends Slovaks for a rest of at least two nights. Show everyone that the best place to relax and have fun is your accommodation. Accepting the Edenred card with payment for the Holiday increases the turnover of travel agencies, Slovak hoteliers, pension owners, but also providers of accommodation of any kind throughout the year.
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Edenred vouchers Gifts and Services
They offer the recipient a free choice of pleasure according to their own taste from a wide range of goods and services. Accepting Edenred Vouchers allows for Gifts and Services this modern way of gifting dealer clothing, footwear, costume jewelery, jewelery, leather goods, electronics, sports equipment, books and also service providers in the field of active relaxation in various sports facilities or cinemas, theaters, spas, educational institutions or medical facilities gain customers with minimal effort and without major investment in marketing activities.
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You are a businessman, who is also the employer?

See what benefits Edenred solutions bring to you as an employer.
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Accept payments from customers according to their wishes

As an acceptance point, you can choose how customers will pay you for the goods or services offered. We have several options for you. You can either choose only one of them or a combination of several.

Payment by Edenred card for meals directly via a payment terminal or using state - of - the - art mobile payments via Google Pay ™ a Apple Pay.

Payment by Edenred card for the Holiday directly via a payment terminal or using state - of - the - art mobile payments via Google Pay ™ a Apple Pay.

straight payment by meal vouchers Ticket Restaurant®.

straight payment by Edenred Vouchers for Gifts and Services.

E-Ticket® is an electronic form of payment for Gifts and Services, which is available only through Edenred Benefity Café.

Online payment directly in your e-shop.

We have a solution also for operations without a payment terminal
Are you a smaller operation and do not own a payment terminal? Our solutions can handle everything. Also payments via SMS.

allocate you your identification number operation.

We will enter your identification number to the SMS payment gateway.

We will accept and reimburse you for payments from your customers.

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