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Redemption paper bills
Edenred offers these ways to redeem paper vouchers. Choose which one suits you best.

PERSONAL DELIVERY without WAITING service "fold and go"

You will bring the vouchers to us in person, hand them over together with the completed list and they will then be reimbursed to your bank account according to the agreed contractual conditions. 

By handing over in the Metro metro network

Submit meal vouchers at any METRO wholesaler and have the money credited to your Metro card. You can redeem vouchers at the partner service counter. The service only applies to the redemption of Ticket Restaurant® vouchers.

Transfer to account

Just give us the vouchers Submit by post (worth up to 500 €) or courier service (over 500 €) as a security certificate to the address of Ticket Service, sro We will reimburse the vouchers to your bank account classic or accelerated transfer according to your request.

Redemption without waiting
Fold and walk service

Upload vouchers at company headquarters on the 17th floor in a sealed envelope together with a completed list. Wait for the employee to confirm the list and you can leave.

We will then open the envelope with the used vouchers in front of the camera system and, if necessary, we will contact you by phone.

The vouchers will be processed and subsequently repaid to your bank account according to the agreed contractual conditions.

Repayment of completed transactions Edenred card for food or recreation

Edenred cards have a Mastercard guarantee and work like classic bank cards. Money 
You will receive from Edenred card transactions to your account automatically, usually within two days 
from the payment, as is the case with payments by other bank cards.
Redemption of e-Ticket vouchers® and direct payments through the Edenred Benefity Café e-shop

Payments are reimbursed automatically based on their validation. By the 15th day of each month, we will issue you a tax document for e-Tickets® that you validated in the previous month.

Reimbursement of SMS payments

SMS payments are reimbursed once a week always retrospectively in seven calendar days on the basis of the invoice issued to your bank account.

That's enough pack and send
To prevent the vouchers from being misused in the event of theft or loss of a shipment, we recommend that you stamp the vouchers on the back where the value and barcode are not indicated.


Check that the vouchers are not damaged or otherwise invalidated. Damaged vouchers may result in late payment or non-redemption of vouchers.

In case you send for overpayment more types of vouchers in one package (e.g. Ticket Restaurant® also Edenred vouchers Gifts and Services), divide them so that they do not mix during transport.

Always enclose with redemption vouchers list with partner code, i.e. contract number (we accept original and photocopies).

vouchers nepodleplep ani do not sew.

Pack the vouchers properly and secure them against unintentional movement.

vouchers of the same type you don't have to sort by face value.

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