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  • Let's eat
    We return the cutting of cutlery where it belongs. Back to restaurants
    Let's eat!
    Spread the word about the #PodmeSaNajest call in your area and let's continue to support our favorite restaurants together. Since its launch, we have supported them more than 260 times with the Ticket Restaurant® card from Edenred
    and handed out up to 30 free lunches.
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  • Edenred is 10 years old
    Happy birthday to our 10000 people around the world!
    10 years of rapid transformation and tireless digital innovation. 10 years of passion for customers, respect, imagination, simplicity and entrepreneurial spirit have become core values ​​of Edenred, embodied by our 10 employees worldwide. From the unveiling of the brand to becoming an everyday companion for people at work, our first decade has been full of success and we have experienced many unforgettable moments.
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  • We are increasing the limit for contactless payments
    up to € 50 without entering a PIN code
    From April 22.4.2020, clients of contactless cards from Edenred will be able to make payments in the amount of up to € 50 without the need to enter a PIN code.
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Acceptance points
For lunch, relaxation or shopping? Choose from the widest acceptance network of establishments and enjoy your day in one of them.
Acceptance points
Edenred solutions
Edenred solutions are the icing on the cake of a modern lifestyle and a reward for your work performance. Ask your employer for the best.
Ticket Restaurant®
It is the most popular benefit. It saves your money and enables innovative payment methods.
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It will take you and your loved ones into the world of relaxation for at least two nights in one of the Slovak accommodation facilities.
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Thanks card
you have more
Meal vouchers
Ticket Restaurant®
There are time-tested regulars for which you can buy lunch or great coffee.
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Edenred vouchers
Gifts and Services
Choosing a gift according to your own ideas from a large number of options.
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My Edenred
It is a personal online account, thanks to which you will get an overview of your transactions performed with the Ticket Restaurant® card or the Edenred Holiday card. In your online account you:
Take control of your
personal online account

with the mobile application
Edenred Benefity

Available balance on the Ticket Restaurant® card, nearby restaurants, exclusive offers from partners, PIN code and card blocking at your fingertips.
Download it for free at:
You activate the card
You will see the PIN code
You will find the current balance
In case of loss or theft, you will block the card
You will look for acceptance places in the area
Mobile more
as ever before
Payment for lunch by mobile phone via SMS, Google Pay Apple, Apple Pay or for a holiday via SMS
in operations where there is no payment terminal, it is a toy. Edenred solutions can handle everything.
Mobile payments
for each payment.
For non-payment ™
We bring you a loyalty program with which you can get access to exclusive discount coupons or other benefits from every payment with the Ticket Restaurant® card.
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