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Card solutions
from Edenred
Edenred solutions in the form of contactless payment cards were designed and created to improve and intensify the experience of using employee benefits.
Speed ​​and savings

Flash contactless one-touch payment and always one cent accurate.

No worries and safe

Each card meets the strictest security standards thanks to the Mastercard guarantee.

perfect overview

Control and benefits thanks to a personal online account and mobile application.

payment options 

Payment mobile via Google Pay Apple and Apple Pay or SMS.

Meal card
Ticket Restaurant®

Is electronic form of tickets , which increases your net annual income by at least € 484,55 depending on the amount of the meal allowance provided to you by your employer. This staff the benefit is tax-advantaged, and therefore the full amount of the contribution remains with you. Thanks to that, you are up to 85% of working Slovaks take a hot lunch break every day which is the basis of good health.

Mobile payments
with Ticket Restaurant®

Ticket Restaurant® is the only meal card in Slovakia that enables the most modern methods of payment via Apple Pay mobile applications, Google Pay ™ and in selected operations without a payment terminal, payment via SMS.

Inform your employer about the Ticket Restaurant @ card and get a reward of up to € 300.
Card Edenred Vacation

Relax, change of environment, new experiences and time for yourself. All this is brought to you by the Edenred Holiday card in the form electronic holiday voucher with a contribution of up to € 500 per year. The contribution is intended to cover expenses related to accommodation for a minimum of two nights in one of the Slovak accommodation facilities. In operations without a payment terminal, payment via SMS.

Inform your employer about the Edenred Holiday card and its benefits.
Acceptance points

For lunch, relaxation or shopping? Choose from the widest acceptance network of establishments and enjoy your day in one of them.  

Acceptance points
Devices that accept Edenred card solutions are marked with Edenred Ticket Restaurant stickers® and Edenred Holidays.
Activate and use 
It is just a few steps to an unforgettable experience with contactless cards from Edenred:
1. Create an online account

When creating an online account in the My Edenred customer zone, use the card serial number (from the back of the card) and the activation code, which can be found at the bottom of the cover letter, with which the card was delivered to you.

Create an account
2. Activate your card

After creating a personal online account in My Edenred activate the card. You need your personal employee number to activate the card. If you do not have it, you must request it from your employer before activating the card.

3. View your 
Pin code

To view the PIN code in your personal online account, go to the "Manage My Cards" section of the "My Cards" section and click "PIN" to view the code. Then follow the instructions to verify your card.

More about using the card
4. Meet "My Edenred"

You can comfortably and quickly equip everything you need in it. In addition to activating the card and displaying the PIN code in it you find out the current balance, get an overview of transactions and in case of loss or theft, you will block the card in it.

5. mobile application
 Edenred Benefity

Download your personal online account to your mobile and keep everything at your fingertips. Available balance, restaurants nearby, exclusive offers from partners, PIN code, but also the possibility of immediate blocking of the card in case of loss or theft.

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