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Edenred Benefits Premium is an intuitive and user-friendly web platform that adapts to your needs. Thanks to it, you have all internal and external benefits available in one place.
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Edenred Benefits Premium presents simple and effective solution of employee benefits, available 24 hours. It covers the administration of non-monetary benefits, claims on a single web platform that works for all devices, whether it's a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Edenred Benefits Premium contains a wide range of benefits from various areas

What with Cafeteria Edenred do you get

simple management of all employee benefits in one place

different from the competition in the fight for new employees

a huge number of benefits for its employees thanks to a wide partner acceptance network of operations in Slovakia with maximum freedom in their choice

Quick and easy drawing benefits is enough

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choose a benefit
choose payment method
pay and enjoy the benefit

prepare tailor it for you

Edenred Benefits Premium is a comprehensive package of employee care. Expand it and be even better. Based on the design in colors and visuals with your company logo, employees know that you are the one who makes them reap all the benefits. 
Extraordinary Rewards Module

Remuneration of an employee or team with an extra bonus for extraordinary work performance.

Birthday and loyalty module

Set up automatic rewards for birthdays or business anniversaries, or send greetings.

The edenred card recharge module

Extended options for using benefit funds for your employees.

Dynamic internal benefits module

Insertion of own benefits with the possibility of payment with points from the cafeteria (e.g. partner discount program).

Communication module

Possibility to carry out employee satisfaction surveys, send news or create surveys.

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For maximum convenience, implement all Edenred solutions in your business and manage them thanks to one comprehensive Edenred Benefits Premium platform.

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