Benefit e-voucher
Benefits on the Edenred card

Electronic form of Gift and Service vouchers, which gives space to your employees to choose which one for themselves they buy a leisure activity, service or gift to improve their physical and mental condition.
Convenient and practical electronic form benefit vouchers
for remuneration of employees
gifts and services
in a wide network
The most modern methods of payment through
Apple Pay, Google Pay™
or by SMS.
As you can yours
provide more?
  • A contribution from the social fund, which is exempt from taxes and levies.
  • A contribution within the meaning of the Income Tax Act, which makes it possible to reward people year-round in non-monetary form, up to €500. The condition is that the employer does not include these costs in tax expenses.
Do you want executive employees?
Reward them throughout the year
Non-monetary benefits that employees receive throughout the year are motivation for better work performance
and build strong loyalty to the employer.
Rewards for various life events
Use for personal development or hobbies of the employee
Effective management of the social fund
A wide range of uses - buying gifts and services related to culture, relaxation, sports or education
Quick and easy ordering

Acceptance points

Edenred solutions provide the widest acceptance network of partners in Slovakia.

All benefits for your employees
on one card

Choose a modern solution to ensure regular meals for your employees. With Ticket Restaurant® dining e-vouchers on the Edenred card, you can treat them to quality food every working day. Your reward will be their better health and greater productivity.


The holiday card allows you to bring benefits to your employees in the form of using various holiday stays. The recreational e-voucher will ensure that your employees have a proper rest and gain new strength for even better work performance.

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