Effective advertising with Edenred

Take advantage of an ad slot offer that tracks more than 400 users of Edenred solutions.
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Connect your ad with a strong partner

Targeted communication

You have a unique opportunity to reach up to 400 users of meal tickets and cards from all over the Slovak Republic and you can target communication only to users from regions that are interesting to you.

It can be tailor-made

For your unique product, unique requirements and budget. We will design an optimal solution for you with maximum effect.

The effectiveness of advertising can be measured

Use unique codes to see how effective your ad has been.

Effective communication

Make the most of the money invested. You can reach one customer for incomparably lower costs than with traditional direct marketing tools.

Advertising on multiple media

It's up to you, you can combine advertising in print and digital.

Multiply the effectiveness of your ad by combining multiple ad carriers

Inserted advertisement

The method of packing meal tickets provides space for inserting advertising coupons. We will put your offer in an envelope with ordered meal tickets, where it will attract 100% attention, because it will reach the employees directly. Your offer will reach more than 200 end users of meal tickets per month. Inserted advertising is an optimal form of addressing medium and large companies and a proven tool for communicating discounts and promotions. We put a maximum of 4 ads in each envelope, with each coupon from a different industry, so no one will miss your ad and never meet competing offers. We can also target your offer to a selected region or business area.

* We recommend arranging the insertion of advertising coupons at least 2-3 months in advance (space for advertising is limited - the number of max. 4 advertisements in one month).

Advertising in the mobile application "Edenred Benefity"

Take advantage of a modern digital tool that is used by more than 120 users every day and their number is constantly growing. This form of advertising allows you to publish an offer quickly, link directly to your website or product, and save on printing costs, making it effective. The mobile application is available for mobile phones and tablets with the Android and iOS operating systems. Advertising in a mobile application is an ideal way to reach employed people of working age in relation to technology.

* We recommend arranging the launch of the advertising banner in the mobile application at least 1 month in advance.