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Discover a world of benefits and experiences with Edenred. Save your time and energy and gain favor and full employee engagement with our comprehensive field solutions employee benefits, which ones they cover allowance for meals, recreation, but also rewards and leisure benefits.
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Why Edenred
We are the world leader in payment solutions for the working world.
It has been 30 years since we entered the Slovak market with the Ticket Restaurant catering solution®. During that time, we have developed products to cover the diverse needs of employee remuneration and motivation. Our vision is to provide solutions that will make life easier for you and your employees and bring high added value.u for your company. 
Edenred solutions
We have for you customized solutions

Edenred card for meals - electronic form of meal tickets, with which you can ensure regular meals for your employees

Edenred card for reward and motivation - an electronic form of benefit vouchers, with which your employees can purchase leisure activities, services and gifts to improve their physical or mental condition

Edenred card for recreation - an electronic form of recreation vouchers, with which you enable employees to use the allowance for recreation purposefully

Cafeteria Edenred Benefits Premium – a simple online platform for managing benefits and rewards for employees


Edenred meal vouchers - a benefit that has been proven over the years, with which you provide meals for employees

Edenred Vouchers Gifts - a gift voucher according to your preferences

Edenred Vouchers Services - universal voucher for the purchase of services

With Edenred solutions you get:

an attractive social program that respects the needs of your employees

developing employee satisfaction and motivation

time and administration savings

financial savings and higher income for your employees

freedom of choice from a wide network of acceptance points

Feel free to switch to digital solutions
  • cost savings
  • effective time management – simple charging of funds
  • clear client zone available 24/7
  • no handling of cash or storage of tickets in the company
  • opportunity to use on rewards for employees at various work or personal events
  • Practical electronic form of contribution for employee recreation without unnecessary administrative burden
  • Edenred loyalty program and cashback
  • payment option in the widest network of acceptance points
  • lightning one touch payment and always to the penny
  • payment via Google Pay™, Apple Pay, SMS or online
  • MyEdenred mobile application, with which you have a perfect overview of your card
  • simple management of all employee benefits in one place
  • enormous a number of benefits from different areas
  • saving time and costs, simple administration
  • available 24 hours a day
  • design in company colors with your company logo
  • ready to measure – selection from modules according to preferences (remuneration, loyalty, communication, internal benefits...)
  • quick and easy drawing of benefits
  • choice of benefits according to your own preferences 
  • selection from number of the most attractive partners
  • Edenred loyalty program and cashback
  • "UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, as, a branch of a foreign bank, has been using meal cards from Edenred since 2016 and the Cafeteria benefit system from 2017. Both products reflect modern trends, which is why employees quickly got used to them and use them with pleasure. The cafeteria offers a wide range of benefits not only in the field of health care, education, recreation or sports, so employees have the opportunity to use and choose from the offer what best suits their needs. Cooperation with Edenred is always professional, prompt and pleasant."

    Miriam Rukovanska,
    People&Culture Service Specialist
  • Our cooperation with Edenred has been going on for several stable years, reflecting a relationship based on transparency, fair conditions and superior client care. Edenred is characterized not only by a proactive approach, but also by its willingness to deal with any initiative or the possibility of a shift in the field of innovation and digitization of administrative tasks.

    Marcela Nberiová, manager (Procurement)
    Generali Poisťovňa, a branch of an insurance company from another member state

  • "The cafeteria offers a modern and practical way of using LEONI's resources as an employer for the individual needs of the employee, in accordance with legislation and saving not only the administration of benefits, but also financial savings.

    We started cooperation with Edenred in 2018 with a unique and practical project of one card for multiple purposes, such as linking the use of the card with the employee's attendance, managing security entrances, providing meal allowances, ordering food in the factory canteen, shopping in the buffet, for use in printers and in our employees' most popular use of the Cafeteria benefits card.

    Cooperation with the Edenred team is efficient. I appreciate the regular meetings with Mr. Tomáš Horský and the interest in developing new ideas and the possibility of using the legislation as a successful "Non-monetary benefit of EUR 500" for employees."

    Tatiana Bratranec Staňová
    Personal manager

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