Meal vouchers Ticket Restaurant®
Year-proven benefit that saves costs. Not only will it give you tax benefits, but you will also give your employees the opportunity to freely choose their meals in the widest network of acceptance points.
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78,5% of respondents with the optimal value of the meal allowance claim that they perceive this allowance as an added value.
80,2% of respondents with an above-standard meal allowance particularly appreciate such an approach on the part of the employer.
For 99% of employees, the motivation for higher performance is also the feeling that the employer takes sufficient care of them.
employer thanks to the Ticket Restaurant® meal tickets can optimize its costs by saving on taxes and levies.
Employee thanks to the Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers, it gets more. His net income will increase.

How to choose the amount of the contribution
for eating?

So that you provide employees with an attractive benefit and at the same time save the company's costs.

By law it is the optimal value of the meal allowance is set at € 7,80. Thanks to it, you will enable employees to cover the bulk of lunch costs.
More about the amount of the contribution
The amounts are based on the actual expenses of employees in catering establishments during working hours in the form of the most widespread Ticket Restaurant meal card®, while the prices always include the entire expenditure on food, refreshments or coffee.

Self-employed people, simplify your life and save your costs

You can also solve your diet by contributing to Edenred map, with which we bring you in addition to the food allowance a decent portion of benefits. Money back for every lunch, exclusive discounts, free webinars, contests and much more.

With the Ticket Restaurant® meal card you can reduce the tax base by the full amount of the meal allowance resulting from the Income Tax Act.

Meal costs are easier to charge, which saves you the cost of accounting items.

Meal vouchers Ticket Restaurant® pose
Edenred meal tickets
Simple and convenient compliance with a statutory obligation.
Cost savings, which you would otherwise invest in building and operating your own canteen.
More dining options thanks to the widest network of acceptance points in Slovakia.
Edenred solution provides the widest acceptance network of partners in Slovakia.

Acceptance points
packaging, shipping and payment
Basic package
The sealed envelope contains 20 meal vouchers with the same standard face value.
Extra package
The sealed envelope contains a maximum of 30 meal tickets
up to three different denominations according to your specification.


To the post office (value of the shipment up to 500 €)

Upon request, we will distribute meal tickets from one order to several workplaces.


cash on delivery in the case of delivery of vouchers by courier
Bank transfer on the basis of an invoice or an advance invoice

I'm eating Edenred map,
nice to meet you!

I am an electronic form of meal vouchers and I am the key to easier, faster and safer payment for lunch in the widest network of restaurants and shops. From now on, your employees will no longer "chase" chewing gum at the cash register so that they can apply for another meal ticket. With a meal card, they always pay exactly how much their lunch costs.
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